Knowledge is a distributed organism that can be witnessed through the cross pollination of experiences and desires that people bring as they pass through or stop and plant roots in a place. In this way, knowledge evolves and grows. From the phoenicians to the gauls and on to the solera system, we can see how knowledge is in a state of eternal return, forever beginning. By studying WINE’S TRANSPORT, WE SEE how people have expanded over the globe, leadING not only to a diversity of goods, but a complex integration of a community’s past and present. 



transportation & malagousia

PHOENICIANS: We can look at the cargo of Phoenician ships as a load of knowledge realized in the form of objects. With the transport of wine from one country to another (say, from Greece to Spain), the Phoenicians inadvertently became the conveyors of cultural practices, spreading knowledge and foreign beliefs/ customs around the Mediterranean.

GRAPE: Malagousia


STYLE & STRUCTURE: Highly aromatic, full-bodied, zesty, elegant

integration & carignan

ROMANS CONQUER GAUL: In 58 B.C.E. Julius Caesar leads the Roman army to Gaul, in an effort to claim more land for the empire. This forceful encounter leads the Romans to not only gain land, but gain aspects of Gallic culture that had been existing in their own right. It was this moment when the Roman army saw how the Gauls were utilizing wood barrels, improving wine transportation and storage. This light bulb moment led to rapid integration; clay amphorae, in use for thousands of years, were quickly left behind for something better.

GRAPE: Carignan

LOCATION: Languedoc, France

STYLE & STRUCTURE: Vibrant color, tough tannins, notes of cherry cordial and black olive

realization & amontillado

SOLERA SYSTEM: The solera system produces Sherry through fractional blending, creating wines that contain multiple vintages leading back to a solera’s beginning (in many cases this will be over 200 years). The solera system is both a physical and metaphorical representation of the eternal mixing of new and old. Communities build knowledge in a similar way. Rhizomatic in nature, and without a beginning or end point, knowledge is always both now and then, present and past.

GRAPE: Palomino Fino

LOCATION: Jerez, Spain

STYLE & STRUCTURE: Biological and oxidatively aged, deep color, briny undertones, roasted nuts and caramel flavors