flesh feast


the tragic tale of the donner party of 1846...

is a well known event. A wagon train on the Oregon Trail took a shortcut, got stranded in the mountains, and starved there for five months. Half of the people died. Some of the survivors resorted to cannibalism in order to survive. The rescue of this party in 1847 was one of the largest organized relief operations of its time. Bookending the travelers was their homeland in Illinois, a place of settled farms and lots of grape growing for wine. (Many of the Donner Party travelers even brought wine with them on the trail!) On the other end of their journey was Fort Sutter in California. This too, was a place rich with its own vineyards, winery and distillery. We’ll examine the Donner Party and its connection to the wines of the time. We’ll venture into Fort Sutter to observe the rescue efforts made. And we will also travel back across the Atlantic, to see what the rest of the world was doing while the Donner party starved.