Throughout the 10,000 year known history of wine, we have been in a duet of innovation naturally existing between humans and earth. Vines were discovered, and wine was drawn into steady supply. The way we scurry around the planet has been shaped so that we might maintain this steady and heady connection. On these pathways we found materials and then made materials. Without these “essential” things to work with (glass, wood, clay) what would we be doing?

We’ll taste through the history of Vine growing, Wine Aging/Storage/Transport, and Consumption, and their interconnectivity to the Phoenicians, Romans and Greeks, as well to Glass, Barrel and Bottle production . Finally, we’ll imagine the future of it all from tomorrow to 1,000 years from now.

And always, throughout the presentation, we will be tasting wines from around the world that assist as a current representation of the living artifact that is wine.



without WINE, without BOTTLE, without TANK, without CONCRETE, without BARREL, without AMPHORA, without VINE, without MATERIALS OF THE EARTH.
because MATERIALS OF THE EARTH, because DIRT, because CLAY, because WOOD, because STONE, because METAL, because GLASS, because GRAPES.