The spiral is found in water and in wine. In both cases it creates a vortex with chaotic energy surrounding an unchanging stable centre. Why do we swirl our wine glasses? Does the spiral shape hold some intrinsic cosmic value? In some ways, by swirling we are agitating the life of the wine, which rests under the protection of alcohol. Our senses also get charged: we gaze into the swirl, we smell the wine, and then let it spiral with amplified taste into our mouth. By generating a spiral motion we put ourselves in rhythm with the inherent movement of water, the planets, and the universe. All of this is done to prepare and enhance your wine drinking experience.




Gyristi are spiral, ground trained vines with no posts or wires. This ancient and rare vineyard practice in Santorini came to be as a way to protect grapes from harsh winds. Assyrtiko is the islands most planted varietal. The gyristi vine is cut back to its base only every 70-80 years, leaving root systems to develop for several hundred years.

GRAPE: Assyrtiko

LOCATION: Santorini, Aegean Islands, Greece

STYLE & STRUCTURE: Intense, high-acid white wine with powerful yet fresh mineral aromatics


The study of oenodynamics (wine swirling) has given scientific proof to something every wine drinker already knows: swirling wine is the right thing to do. “Orbital Shaking” oxygenates wine, aiding the release of the wines aromatic components, dramatically observed when Gewurztraminer is in your glass.

GRAPE: Gewurztraminer

LOCATION: Alsace, France

STYLE & STRUCTURE: Perfumed bouquet of lychees and rose petals , with high alcohol levels


The calm core at the center of a swirling vortex of wine holds an intelligibility upon which we can rest our thoughts, gazing into the mystery of the wine and ourselves. In the glass, the Syrah of Cornas can be structured to withstand hours of swirling. Biodynamics attempts to capture the power of the cosmic swirl through their use of a vortex shaped cowhorn buried near the vineyard to spread nutrients.

GRAPE: Syrah

LOCATION: Cornas, France

STYLE & STRUCTURE: Biodynamic grapes full of immense depth and aromatic mystery, dark red fruit and supple tannins