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ETERNAL RETURN: A History of the Transportation of Knowledge Through Wine

  • Tomorrow River Homestead 3090 County Highway Q Nelsonville, WI, 54458 United States (map)

The grapevine can grow for over 300 years, its root system a marker of time and link to the past. As the years tick by, the roots dig and search pulling up history in the form of ancient earth nutrients, to then be transformed into energy and insight in the form of grapes.

Roots can also be found at the base of ideas, knowledge, and innovations.  Through the ETERNAL RETURN tasting with Tomorrow River Homestead, we will travel through time with three different wines in an examination of the transportation of knowledge over human history.  By studying how people have expanded over the globe, wine can reveal the important moments of evolution. This leads not only to a diversity of goods, but a range of knowledge and experiences, creating a complex integration of a community’s past and present. 

We can see an example of this ancient historical transport realized here today in Central Wisconsin at the Tomorrow River Homestead. Through a cross pollination of experience and desires as people pass through or plant roots, they bring with them their latest skills and stories to share. Like the communities of our ancestors, today’s maker has a hub of knowledge awaiting them in Nelsonville, Wisconsin.