Wine itself is not discerning, offering its mystery to anyone willing to sip and listen.


wine guide of the lost grape

Keith Biesack is a connoisseur of wine & history pairings. Thanks to Bandol, Keith got hooked on wine and the mystery that it holds. Working as a wine buyer in NYC restaurants for several years, in addition to studies at the International Wine Center, Keith learned about the connection of wine to all cultures and classes of people.

Wine is our time machine taking us into the mysteries of the universe. Our sensory perception is unique. By pairing wine and history we bring our individual viewpoints into a collective experience, creating a wholly original and new understanding.

The Lost Grape tastings are an expression of a Biodynamic approach to experiential learning and understanding. The swirling glass holds an inseparable mix of humanity, history and the bounty of the earth. It is our response to it that furthers its complexity.